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October 18, 2019
The Truth Is Out There
Updated On: Oct 24, 2012


Our mission as leaders of working families is to see that all workers have a decent standard of living, a fair wage and good benefits.  We believe that being a union member increases ones chance of achieving a decent standard of living.   To reach our higher standard, union electricians work hard at being better trained, better educated and leaders in the industry.

Part of our goal is to bring the message about our decent standard of living to our non-union brothers and sisters who do work similar to ours, but for a lesser wage, and often no benefits. We reach out and ask them to join with us to become union electricians where they can work hard at being better trained, better educated, and join us as we lead in the industry.  

As leaders in labor we need to inform all working families of dangers that can lead to the demise of both organized and not yet organized labor brothers and sisters.  


Support legislators who support working families.


We must think of our rights as workers, and support legislators who support working families. 

Use the following link to look up voting records of our legislators and see for yourself who is fighting for your standard of living:


“Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will”  - Frederick Douglas


Do we really think that someday our wealth will match that of the rich Wall Street and corporate executives?  Many legislators support corporations at the expense of working families.  We must ask ourselves, “Do I really think these Wall Street and corporate types will plan to willingly share their wealth with working families?”  Talk to your legislators and know issues and how they impact you—those with power and wealth will not share it without your demands.   


Politics and how Wall Street has an influence


How does Wall Street pay hurt us?


Consider what David R. Francis wrote in the Christian Science Monitoron 1/18/2010:


 “Wall Street compensation this year says Peter Morici [an economist], threatens to exceed the entire growth of the economy in the fourth quarter of 2009 and reach a huge 1 percent of gross domestic product. Such largess is taken away from the rest of us, including retirees who get less income from low interest certificates of deposit. Top white house officials “are taxing grandma to subsidize” Wall Street with its big paydays, he charges.


One explanation for Washington lethargy on the pay issue could be the huge amounts of campaign contributions by the financial industry to both parties- nearly 500 million in 2008 alone. “


Campaign contributions by corporations are sure to increase now that the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can make unlimited contributions to political campaigns.  It will take even more contact with your legislators to help sway issues.  Use the following link to make contact with your elected officials to let them know what you want and think about the issues:


Don’t be fooled and tricked to decide your vote only on a single issue.


There are big differences in the parties that represent us and we must know what consequences our families have when our vision is blurred with the smoke of wedge issues. Single issues are sometimes called “wedge issues” when they are given a lot of attention so they cause people to vote with their emotions on one issue and ignore the broader issues at stake.  They drive a wedge between otherwise united voters.  In other words, wedge issues are thrown in to suck up votes from working families and others to tip the balance and win elections.  Be sure you know the consequences of your actions before you vote.


When we hear political leaders saying the working class is “demanding too much”, what is our reaction?  They should be saying that the working class family deserves a living wage.

Don’t forget that we can send letters to our legislators if we are opposed to certain moral, ethical and human-rights issues.  

Again, use the following link to make contact with your elected officials to let them know what you want and think about the issues: 

What are we asking for and what do we need to do to convince management that they need to share the wealth?


Just Compensation

It is bothersome that some people do not think the working class deserves just compensation.  The working class carries out the dreams of managers, and without us those dreams would not be realized.  All workers deserve respect.  Our work is important.   For our part, our mannerisms on the job, and being qualified and educated will help us to earn greater respect.  Working with efficiency and quality is our charge—maintaining our standard of living depends on it.



When we hear, “This is mine, I’ve worked hard for it”, do we stop and think about who helped us to get where we are?  We do work hard for what we have, but often someone else worked harder to help to boost our standard of living to where it is.  Don’t forget about the hard work and sacrifices the people who went before us made to set up benefits, support systems and rules for treating workers fairly.  Don’t forget about others who fought and continue to fight for our standard of living! 


Join the fight!





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