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October 18, 2019
I posted this article with american for prosperity web site
Updated On: Apr 10, 2011

As of yet it hasn't been added to their comment section. The moderator has to look at it first.I am not holding my breath that it will be posted. 

I am a private sector worker that works for the public. I see nothing different in how people earn their living. For example; I need a teacher they need and electrician. I may earn more than them, or they may earn more than me. So what; we need each other. Where does the argument come from that they are over paid because their pay checks come from the government? I know the answer to that question,  the billionaires  can't take their profits off the backs of these public workers.100% of the money  these public workers EARN is reinvested in their families, even the taxes they pay goes to help fund their jobs. How can we continue to target these public workers as evil doers?
The top 2%, the wealthiest Americana’s see this as dollars they are being deprived of. Break collective barging and it will be 80% for public workers and their families and 20% for the multi millionaires. This is the TOOL Governor Walker is giving them. When will working families wake up and see how their being used by this tea party movement.
When a dictator speaks you better get on his fancy bus and spend a few days touring with him or else. I can bet you this much, the governor won’t care if the money spent for this event comes form out of state. After all that is how he made it in office.
The good thing about all this is the Koch brothers have been exposed, next Grover Norquist; come out, come out, where ever you are. And Carl Rove I give you credit for being the brains to get someone like G.W. Bush elected. I knew when you left his adm. Working People of America were in deep trouble. All I can say is Touché. See you all on the front lines. Well not the billionaires, just their little people.
The one thing we have lost in this great country is the ability to negotiate, hence the wars, problems in Washington, and now this.
What would this country look like if we could shed the greed?
Jesus helps us.

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