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October 18, 2019
Recall, ALEC, Charter Schools, Tommy Thompson, and more
Posted On: Oct 30, 2011

What’s happening with the Walker Recall roll-out?  A lot! The state-wide structure, coordinated by a steering team of representatives from many state organizations, is in place and staffers are being hired.  The huge network will spring into action on Nov. 15.
- Get this: Republican legislators might introduce legislation to require notarizing of recall petitions.  (And how, one might ask, is this related to job creation?) ... Word has it that the actual election to get rid of Walker will likely be held in August, even if we have all the signatures in January.  No problem. We’ll use the time to get ready for November elections, as well as August.  It also gives Walker & Co. more time to make big, foot-in-mouth mistakes.

-As of this moment there is no final decision about having the name of the Lieutenant Governor on the same petition as Recall Walker.  Again, no prob. We know they both have to go.  We’ll have petitions for both.

-Yes, there are several Republican senators being targeted for recall as part of the Walker Recall in other parts of Wisconsin, Grossman a mong them.  (Typo? Maybe.) 

-Need to figure out how you can connect?  Call your local Democratic Party chair directly... or put your name into the data base at
Note:  Bob Salt, Dunn Co. Dems 715 309-9516 
Rep. Janis Ringhand reports, "Our Assembly session this week was another bust - an 8 page agenda with 20+ bills that did not address jobs!!  We were more concerned with the definition of a bicycle, fines for injury to "soft tissue" of police officers, throwing bodily fluids at police officers, weight & length of tractor trailers, honoring Pregnancy Clinics that do not tell the patient about all the options in a pregnancy or about birth control, etc, etc, etc. It is extremely disappointing to see how they refuse to listen or cooperate. Rep. Mark Pocan brought forward a resolution that suggested we cooperate and work together; they voted against that too!"  10. As part of the Jobs special session the legislature is considering Assembly Bill (AB 303) that would undermine well-planned communities by repealing the requirement that local government develop and implement comprehensive plans. Many communities have put much time and effort into these plans so that wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and living spaces are developed in a sustainable and environmentally healthy way. (Just ask aloud, “Who benefits from this bill?” and see what happens, even if no one else is in the room with you!)

11. Another bill being considered, AB 24 & SB 24, would cut the public out of the decisions that affect their communities by changing the process for construction or dredging projects that happen in or near our waterways. The bill eliminates public hearings on permits and forces the public to comment on incomplete information during sho rtened timelines. The bill forces the DNR to passively issue permits for high capacity wells, oil and gas production, and mine prospecting even if there is not enough time or information to make an informed decision about a permit application. Finally, the bill makes it much harder to protect new waterways in the future and removes protections for a set of existing waterways. Many of the most egregious provisions of a draft mining bill from earlier in the session are contained in this bill. You can find Wisconsin League of Conservation Voter's analysis of AB/SB 24's "Polluters over People" Bill at  Once again, just ask aloud, “Who benefits from thi s legislation?”
12.  Charter schools being swept in. The legislature is likely to vote soon on additional charter schools legislation.  The bill creates a separate authority to set up charter schools in communities without input from local school districts. The vote is likely to come up fast, with little warning. The Governor called the current session supposedly to work on job creation. How is this related to jobs creation? Republicans have always touted local control, decision making by local communities.  How does this support control?  It’s important that people contact their legislators... to ask them to honor the commitment to local control and stop this bill in its tracks. The creation of a separate charter schools governing body can press a school upon a community even if it’s not wanted or needed.  And local public school districts lose the most.

13. Students carry the load of Walker’s budget cuts. “On Oct. 14, the Department of Administration released a memo announcing plans for the new lapse, requiring the UW System to return $65.3 million to the state over two years. That represents about 38% of all new cuts to state agencies, despite the fact that the UW System represents only 7% of state expenditures.”
18. “… Washington lobbyist Tommy Thompson told reporters that not only would he not cut ties to the corporations for whom he has received millions, but he would not even let Wisconsin voters know their names.
Cashing in on his position as a former cabinet secretary for George W. Bush, Thompson has represented various corporations big and small-but continues to dodge questions about who he represents, and last year couldn't even enumerate the number of corporate boards he serves…”Thompson does not feel that the people of Wisconsin deserve to know who is writing his paychecks and yet he wants the people of Wisconsin to write HIM another paycheck. Until the public is given a clear picture of his vast corporate ties, the impression remains that Tommy Thompson merely wants a seat in the U.S. Senate to expand his lobbying operation,” said Mike Tate, Chair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin.
19. George Lakoff, framing Occupy Wall Street street-1319120927

 "All About ALEC." It was excellent, with a wide variety of presenters giving an in-depth look at the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council. See or Also excellent...the August issue of The Nation - devoted to articles about ALEC: is one strand in a very intricate web consisting of 4 strands being enacted by radical, right wing doctrinaires: (1) Message development and propaganda - (e.g. Fox News) to shape public opinion through what people hear, read, and see; (2) Electioneering - over 300 corporations (often multi-national) contribute money to elect politicians who will pass bills favorable to them; the politicians are trained at the state level and encouraged and financed to run for national office if successful (from ALEC's viewpoint); (3) Law making - to put into place ALEC-conceived laws to privatize everything in sight, to limit regulations on corporations, to suppress votes and workers' rights, to impose a conservative social agenda, etc.; (4) Judicial manipulation - to tip courts so they will be friendly to ALEC's legislation. Gov. Walker is a key part of ALEC's delivery system in Wisconsin. The ALEC Forum presentations will be available soon on DVD at:
21.  Along Hwy 18/151 in southwest Wisconsin, “Trust in God. Beware of Scott Walker”. 

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