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October 18, 2019
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Updated On: Aug 04, 2012


“American labor isn’t getting its full share of the nation’s output.”

David R. Francis, the Christian Science Monitor 2/21/2010



Charles McMillion, chief economist at MBG Information Services, a Washington consulting firm says “Labor has no leverage.”  So wages have been “depressed, stagnant or falling” for some 30 years. This doesn’t just mean union labor; all working families face the same problem. 


We see in the news that the economy is growing, but the largest percentage of compensation goes to corporations.



The most shocking thing I heard form an economist lately is that we are on the path of accepting the Chinese model because of their success at making money. With Money Comes Power!



David R. Francis wrote:

Another reason is the perpetual war against trade unions by much of business and many antiunion politicians of both parties. For example, Republicans on the House Committee on Education and Labor routinely dispatch an e-mail to the press attacking the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) or some White House appointment, such as a nominee to the National Labor Relations Board.

EFCA was the top priority of organized labor, which had high hopes for labor-law reform when President Obama took office a year ago. But "it's not going to go anywhere soon" in Congress, notes John Schmitt, an economist at the liberal Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington. With solid Republican opposition and a few Democratic no votes, the bill could not reach the 60 votes needed to escape a Senate filibuster.

Opposition to EFCA, popularly known as "card check," centers on its provision that a union could get recognition in a factory or office if it got a majority of workers to sign a card saying they wanted union representation. The company then couldn't insist on a Department of Labor supervised secret ballot of the workers on the union question.


These are some of the issues working families are facing.  We need to be better informed about these issues to let other workers know the challenges we face.

These are a few of the links I have used in the past to get information on the struggles we face. They are real and will not go away without working families standing up for ourselves.






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